How to Touch Up Selfies and Fashion Portraits

How often have you snapped a selfie that looked great – except for that one small blemish that seems to stand out? The same can be said of fashion portraits, and rather than letting blemishes, imperfections or other issues detract from the photos – don’t you think it would be great if you could touch them up so that they look their best?

In order to touch up selfies or fashion portraits you’ll need to be able to edit your photos – which is normally a stumbling block as it can be technical and require a lot of experience. However that doesn’t really have to be the case, especially if you opt to use Movavi Photo Editor.

Simply put Movavi Photo Editor is designed to make it easy for you to edit photos. In this case if you want to use it for photo touch up all you need to do is launch the software and add the photo that you’d like to edit.

At the upper part of the interface you’ll see several tabs, one of which is conveniently labeled as ‘Retouching’. When you click on it, a bar will appear on the right-side of Movavi Photo Editor’s interface – and it contains all the tools you need to touch up your portrait.

On your part all you need to do is browse the features in Movavi Photo Editor and choose how you’d like to touch up your selfies or fashion portrait. The features are neatly organized into sections to touch up your skin, eyes, mouth, or other areas.

Among the options that are available are tools that will let you remove blemishes in a single click, whiten your teeth, get rid of red eye, make your skin look smoother, or fix any excessively ‘shiny’ areas. Additionally there are several options in Movavi Photo Editor that will allow you to apply digital makeup, including eyeshadow, blush, lip tints, and so on.

Aside from the features in the ‘Retouching’ tab of Movavi Photo Editor, there are countless others that you can use to edit and improve your photos as well. It would make sense to explore and experiment with them, as you could use them to improve the quality of your photos, remove unwanted objects, apply stylish filters, add captions, and much more.

All said and done you could edit your portraits and selfies to a very professional standard with the features in Movavi Photo Editor. As you can see it is easy enough to get started, and the best thing for you to do is to try using the tools for yourself and applying them to any selfies or fashion portraits so you can see them in action firsthand.

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