7 Different Types of Fashion Samples

Producing samples is an essential step in the fashion design and production process. Samples are crucial to the manufacturing process as they allow designers to check on many different aspects of clothing production, and judge the suitability of clothing for market. There are many different types of samples, which are used in the design phase, the production phase, and in sales.



  1. Dummy or Mock-Up

This is often a very first sample created in the process, and it is mainly composed of fabric that has been sewn or pinned together onto a mannequin. This is usually used in the design process by designers who want to see how their ideas are translating into fabric.


  1. First Sample

This is usually the first sample that is constructed from the pattern that is going to be used by the clothing manufacturers uk designers work with. It is made to test out the design in real form. Often, if no changes need to be made, this will be the prototype sample for the design.


  1. Prototype Sample

The prototype sample is the one that the designers judge to be the best. It is a sample that shows how the article will be manufactured and shows the detail within the design. It will also be used for costing the rest of the manufacture.



  1. Pre-Production Sample

This is the costing sample and it is made in order to find manufacturers who will produce the final garments, and who will also offer a cost for production based on this sample. It is used as a guide for the manufactures who will be producing the sales samples.


  1. Photo Sample

Photo samples are constructed to smaller sizes in order to be used in fashion shoots and magazines. These photo samples are also called model samples or editorial samples.


  1. Sales Sample

These samples are used for the purposes of sales and marketing and are properly produced in order to display the qualities of the garment.


  1. Showroom Sample

Showrooms want certain sample sizes for buyers to see when they come to the showroom to search for merchandise. Different showrooms request different sizes so it is important to check before you manufacture.


When designing clothes for sale or putting together a collection for fashion college it is important to work with a reliable factory in order to produce the samples you need for your line. Working with a professional and expert factory will help cut out any potential problems when creating samples. It may be difficult at first to find the right factory fit for your needs, but ask for recommendations, persevere, and you will get the perfect clothing factory to create the perfect sample pieces.


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Image: Image courtesy of czoborraul/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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