Pros and Cons of Glasses and Contacts

Pros and Cons of Glasses and ContactsThe reality these days is that a number of people need assistance in seeing. Individuals are usually farsighted or nearsighted. Whatever the case may be, the decision has to be made whether an individual wants glasses or contacts. There are positives as well as negatives for both options as an Optometrist Fremont or an optometrist in another area of the country would state.


1. Benefits of Glasses

There are many benefits to wearing eyeglasses. To begin, glasses are easy to wear. It does not matter if an individual is a child or an adult. Glasses fit easily on the ears as well as on a nose. It takes just a few seconds to put it on. Another benefit is that eyeglasses can give an intellectual look to the individual who is wearing them. This can help during a job interview or when meeting new people. In fact, some people believe that glasses portray an individual as smart and witty.


2. Negatives of Glasses

One of the biggest concerns about glasses is that it can easily break if dropped. For some people, this is not a problem that will not likely happen at all, but for others, such as children, this is a huge problem. Furthermore, glasses cannot be worn effectively while playing certain sports such as football or volleyball. Unfortunately, eyeglasses can be quite painful for some people to wear for an extended period. Furthermore, glasses can carry an unfair stereotype to some people.


3. Benefits of Contacts

There are a number of individuals who enjoy contacts since other people cannot tell that they are wearing contacts. Some of these individuals feel that there is a stigma to glasses. Contacts can be perfect for sporting activities such as football or volleyball. Contacts do not have distortion or problems with natural vision like some glasses can have. Furthermore, contacts do not fog in a humid environment like glasses can.


4. Negatives of Contacts

A negative to wearing contacts is that it can be extremely difficult to put it on. Some individuals have a terrible time wearing contacts for this reason as well as taking the contacts off at the end of the day. In addition to this, contacts need to be cleaned regularly, unlike glasses. This can be difficult if an individual goes on a trip and forgets their contact solution. While additional solution can be purchased, it can be quite pricey. It can be difficult to find lost contact lenses.

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