How To Tell A Real Leather Jacket From A Fake One

There is nothing that is as frustrating as paying a large sum of money for a leather jacket, just to realize that you have been taken advantage of. Faux leather, also known as imitation leather is consistently being sold to people that assume that they are purchasing the real thing. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to determine what is real and what is fake.

Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a leather jacket, it is important that you know what to look out for. There are a lot of retailers that will attempt to take advantage of you. However, knowing how to tell the real from the fake, will help save you some money, and ensure that you do not end up paying big bucks for something that costs a quarter of what an actual leather jacket does.

The first way to determine if the jacket that you are purchasing is real leather is to touch the item. Of course, if you are purchasing the item through an online vendor, this can be impossible to do. However, if you are purchasing the item offline, it is going to be easier for you to determine if the item is fake or not.

When leather materials are handled, you will be able to tell if the materials are authentic by rubbing your hand across them. You should feel like the material is all one piece. It should not feel like the leather has been blended together with multiple fibers. If it feels this way, then the materials that you are touching are not authentic.

Also, smell the jacket to tell if it is real or not. Leather jackets have a distinct smell. Almost anyone that has been in a store that sells leather jackets, can determine if they are authentic by smelling the materials. When smelling the jacket, you should be able to pick up on the distinct scent that they have right away. The smell of leather is kind of rugged and has somewhat of a wooden flavor to it.

You should also look at the tag that has been placed on the jacket. If you are in a reputable retail store, then the retailer should list that the item that you are looking at is leather. If the jacket does not have a tag on it specifying that it is a leather jacket, then this is probably a bad sign that you are dealing with a fake piece of leather, instead of the real thing.

The cost of the jacket can also help you determine if it is real or not. If you are being asked to pay a few hundred dollars for a jacket, that you know should cost about a grand or more, than there is a big possibility that the jacket you are dealing with is fake. Remember that retailers are not going to give you a gigantic discount on an authentic leather jacket, if they know they can make more money than what they are selling it for.

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