How To Care For Silver Fashion Jewellery


Silver jewellery can be a bit of an investment or on the more affordable end of the scale, but if you wear it, you probably love it and therefore want to keep it looking great. Looking after your silver can not only help it dazzle, but also prolong its lifespan so you can continue to enjoy it.

Looking After Silver Jewellery
–       Silver needs to be worn to keep it looking its best and whilst unworn jewellery lying around in a drawer will tarnish, wearing it regularly will prevent this problem from occurring. Handling jewellery often can slow down the oxidation process, reducing endless time spent unnecessarily rubbing it with a polishing cloth! Silver is a natural substance which reacts to its environment but a bit of care and attention can prevent excessive tarnish.
–       Beautiful jewellery is there to be worn, however, when it is in storage try to keep it protected against the elements. Wherever possible keep items like delicate silver service bracelets in individual bags, or in the pouches they came in and seek out a special jewellery box with tarnish-resist material inside.
–       Special silver cloths impregnated with cleaning materials are readily available and using them from time to time can give silver an incredible sparkle and shine, keeping it in tip-top shape for longer. These cloths are cost-effective and last for ages so there is no excuse for not having one in your jewellery drawer!
–       Removing your silver jewellery before undergoing certain tasks like heavy cleaning or gardening can prevent any wear and although silver is a hard-wearing material, it can also become scratched or damaged if put through its paces too often.
–       It is wise to take any of your more valuable pieces of jewellery to a specialist jeweller every year or two so they can give them a thorough clean and inspect for any loose stones or damage. Under magnifying equipment it is easy to detect any weaknesses or areas requiring attention.
–       By looking after jewellery properly and treating it when necessary, professional cleaning need not be a regular occurrence. When cleaning your silver at home be careful to avoid any gemstones and don’t dip clean as this can ruin delicate pieces. Water and fierce sunlight can be damaging so remember to take jewellery off before hitting the pool or beach. Avoid exposure to household chemicals, use specialist products and avoid anything abrasive and your jewellery will live to tell the tale.

Silver jewellery is timeless in its universal appeal and whether you prefer unique silver service bracelets, tiny stud earrings or a chunky necklace, keeping it well-looked after is the key to being able to admire it year after year. Anything of value is worth caring for and that applies to items not only financially valuable but sentimentally so too. In fact, if jewellery is cherished and protected it can even be passed on to future generations who will no doubt appreciate its special beauty too.

Jennifer is an avid jewellery collector and has built up a large collection, from vintage jem pieces to beautiful items like unique silver service bracelets. Consequently she has enjoyed learning how best to care for her treasures and enjoys writing about her hobby for a range of related blogs and websites.

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