Choosing the Right Tuxedo for the Occasion


Every male on earth has encountered, or will encounter a formal event in their lives which calls for them to dress the part. Weddings, funerals, proms, graduations, and many other social gatherings require a man to either own, or rent a tuxedo. In the world of formal wear there are many options that should be considered before spending money to obtain one.

The coat of a tuxedo is only one option that men will need to consider before purchasing the right tux for the occasion. There are cutaway coats, which are the most common worn to formal events, and can be accessorized to create just about any look that is desired. This coat will match just about any style of dress shirt, and they can be found in just about any color desired. The dinner jacket style of tuxedo coat is generally white, or ivory in color. These color options match any color of dress shirt, and can be worn with either white, ivory, and even black trousers to complete the look. A stroller coat is almost the same as the cutaway coat, but is waist length instead of having the broad tail in the back. There are tuxedo coats that are waist or a bit higher in the front with tails coming down in the back. These are popular choices for formal events, and generally are worn with a vest and tie. The traditional black tie tuxedo is another fantastic option, and they come in black or gray to suit whatever the formal occasion may be.

Tailored suits and tuxedo’s are the eye catchers of every formal event. From black to white, steel gray to heather gray, a tailored touch added to this type of formal men’s wear is a must. Having clothing tailored means that every inch of the suit or tuxedo is created to fit the male’s body to perfection. Men who have odd proportions, and rack garments just never seem to fit in length correctly, or in the shoulders, would benefit greatly from having an expert tailor their clothing, and definitely their formal wear to their custom size.

Summer events that call for formal wear were once an occasion that most males dreaded. These warm months would have grooms, groomsmen, and even the male prom attendee sweating in bullets, and this was an almost unbearable circumstance to most of those males who were already nervous about the day. Now there are light in weight formal tuxedo’s and suits that can help to curb at least the sweating part of that perfect event. There are also slim fit tuxedo’s and suits that have been created light in weight to not only give a tailored look to the male, but they tend to provide more comfort that stiff, heavier options.

Tuxedo’s are a timeless tradition for many formal events that take place in life. When choosing the right one to rent or purchase keep a list handy while shopping to make sure that it has everything that the event calls for, and it is the appropriate choice. Color is an important option as no one wants to enter into a wedding, or other important event clashing with the other colors worn by the attendees.

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